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What Does A Church Do?

What does a church do? One way we could answer this question is by observing churches in action. This might lead us to conclude that churches have lots of meetings and potluck suppers. Observing other churches may convince you that churches advocate for social reform and are politically engaged. When we look to the Scriptures [...]

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How to Have More, and Better, Gospel Conversations

I want to have more, and better gospel conversations. A gospel conversation is just what it sounds like, a conversation where the gospel is proclaimed. I hope these conversations happen naturally, with supernatural power.   Because we have all had enough of conversations that feel like forced and stilted sales pitches, here are four suggestions [...]

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DNA Group Questions

DNA groups are the primary vehicle for discipleship at Living Faith. A DNA group starts with just two people of the same gender and never grows past 4. The groups are intentionally small so that everyone can be heard, and no one can hide. The three things a DNA group does are: Discover - sharing [...]

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Small is the New Big

I have been to some really big events. I've been to stadiums filled with thousands of people singing along with the latest worship band. I've been to churches that could seat more people than the entire population of some towns I've lived in.  These large events can help us capture a glimpse of God's greatness [...]

An Hour of Prayer

Prayer is a high priority to us at Living Faith. In our Basics of Prayer resource, we outline 12 practices of prayer. Anyone can put these principles into practice and gain greater confidence in the practice of prayer. In fact, if you were to spend just five minutes on each of these habits of prayer [...]

Our Prayer Covenant

Luke 18:1 - And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart. We thank God for the continued unity of the body of Christ in Living Faith Christian Church. We pray for an ever-increasing anointing on Pastor Matthew and his family as well as all those [...]